SENsational School Of Music

Our innovation submission - Coming soon - see above - Our Partnership with the Award Winning 'Tools For Schools' Patented 'PianoWands' - We're adding to the PainoWands range to create an 'Educational Learning Experience' for both formal teaching and exam teaching (scales modes theory etc) but also the PainoWands use for SEN-D.

And we're adding a NEW range of WiZiStix for Eduntainment leraning both in Schools and Home Teaching and 'Mummy Mentoring' - where we teach parents to learn the SENsational Music Edutainemnt way and to teach and be able to truly mentor thier children.

The Story - So Far! - From Kevin - The Dynamic Dyslexic

First let me explain it was only in the 90's when working with the British Dyslexia Association and being tested at an SEN Exhibition at London's Olympia by a leading member of the British Ophthalmological Society did I discover that I am both dyslexic and have Meares-Irlens Syndrome (the notes on the stave 'jiggle' making it impossible to read music). Add to this my work to launch the WoWW! Wellbeing Business and learning the power of Music Playing (not just listening) on both Brain Building and our overall wellbeing and my passion to bring music making experiences to the SEN-D 20% of the world as well as the 80% who also find it (what I call JTFD!) Just Too Flippin' Difficult (see our YouGov Survey) and that's the WHY? I'm doing this.

Now for the story....

Having spent the last almost 60 years since I gave up trying to pass piano exams at the age of 12 (like most people) I started to try again some 7 years ago by making my own 'SticKey Notes' to go on my piano and guitar fretboard. What started as a Spectrum based approach turned into a driving passion to find whatever I could to make music learning what I call Super SENsational.

I'll come back to the story in a minute but here's my brain dump on Super SENsational Music Education ( and bear in mind that my Patent Application research revealed not one attempt in over 500 to make music notation simpler for all had a single concepts for SEN-D multi-sensory learning.

Multi-SENsory Music - Solfege Enhanced Notation
  1. Colours ( Boomwhackers and Classroom Colours (Hal Leonard notation uses too)
  2. Letter notes on the notation ( with
  3. Simpler mnemonics than four different ones for Treble and Bass -  Every good boy etc and FACE (Guido's one Ring Cycle rules them all is one sentence for everything Treble Bass Scales Chords Extensions etc!!!)
  4. Cartoonification Emodjis visual language (8 billion sent every day)
  5. The PianoWands and WiZiStix making it fun and easy and we add games of finding notes etc
  6. The SticKey Notes teaching and Gamification via colour choices
  7. The Animal Aerobics for fingering positions Clawed The Crab 🦀 making muscle memory fun. Three Kind Mice for Tika-Toka Music Clocka Rhythm and Beat visualisation
  8. Making it all powerful by showing latest  Brain Building research giving parents powerful reason to mentor and encourage
  9. Adding Wellbeing to add to desire with our WoWW! Music Making Personality Quiz (from my Cookbook Myers Briggs in 60 Seconds)
  10. WoWWeekly Music Making Wellbeing Planner building in The 5 Ways To Wellbeing
  11. Gamification - Chase The ACE and lots of other games for home and school ( like Kodaly) 
  12. Face Recognition (Emodjis) making Modes familiar and easy with Happy names not Greek meaningless names 
  13. Pattern making with the Emodjis making  fast learning for piano but especially guitar (I call it Red Dot 🔴 Rage of guitar scale and chord pattern learning )
  14. Story telling (the Emodjis all have family relationships) Three Majors Three relationship Minors 
  15. Edutainment - Making learning Fun Funny Silly 🙃 not dull black on white boring

This Story is about my/our Vision - Mission - Passion.....

in what we are developing under 'The WOWW Business' and now The WoWW! Music Business. Why? To change the way 'we do things around here' both with Financial Education and Music Education: And a 'white label' platform that lets others use the tools and technology to transform education with our Quizualize and Quizualearn Survey Platform - so here goes...

At school in the 1960's (I was a long-haired Hendrix loving hippy!) I wanted to be a teacher. Then by accident 'fell' into marketing, then employee communication and ended up being....a teacher, trainer, international speaker, author, entrepreneur and ambassador/global board member of an international communication organisation and Fellow of the Institute of Marketing. Phew! And along the way too (among other things).... an innovator in the field of personality and learning style profiling to help people to communicate, learn and understand what motivates them and others.  (Which is why we are building an amazing new LMSi platform under 'The WOWW Business' with our own survey systems called Quizualize  and Quizualearn. These are a combined Survey and LMSi platform. Quizualise LMSi = Learning Motivation + Style indicator. Quizualearn LMSi = Learning Method + Sensory indicator.  The first, Quizualize, incorporating MBTI + Kahneman (Fast and Slow thinking) + Colour & Design Psychology. The second Quizualearn, incorporating Felder-Silverman/VAKOG type of methodology but done around visual and sensory testing. Easier to take the tests than explain them!!!)

My current passions build on this history of innovation (I am a Myers Briggs ENTP and serial inventor) and are centred on 'Wellbeing' - both Financial Wellbeing and latterly 'Wellbeing through Music Education'. Why these two? After a personal financial meltdown the critical importance of Wellbeing became my core passion - to help others. And after a lifetime of failure to be able to read or play music owing to what I now know as SEN-D issues of Dyslexia, ADHD and Meares/Irlens Syndrome (where notes on a page of sheet music 'jiggle') I have dedicated the last 4 years to developing and creating a Patent Application (really to do the desk research on put the intellectual rigour into the system) for a new method of Music Education.

Now I am looking to find others to help, join, innovate, explore, promote, trail, test, improve etc on all the ideas that have gone into 'The Emoji School of Music'. And when we have launched 'The Money Mentor Club' to bring financial education into homes and schools as well. So nothing major!

Hope this all made any sense - if you got this far. I have discovered my dyslexic brain tends to throw everything into long sentences! Thanks for reading this if you did get this far. Kevi