Stickey Music Making Well-Beings

Sally & Kevin's Next Wellbeing & Well-Beings Based Music Publishing Adventure!

Yep - Music MAKES Well-Beings of ALL Ages & ALL Abilites

Music MAKING is even more awesome for BIG Brain Building & More - See TedTalk!

BUT ( And A Really BIG! BUT) Music Learning is JTFD!

Just Too Flippin' Difficult!!! For anyone - But the 5% who can and still do play. 95% US homes have no musical instrument.

And even more JTFD for the 20% Of Us Who Also Have SEN-D Special Educational Needs - Difficulties or Disabilities 

With NO Music Education Tools or Concepts or Patents or Products for SEN-D

So 50% of Students give up after only 2 years of starting! "Students don’t know how to get better." Link

We gave up at 12 says Dyslexic Kevin & Sally! 

Kevin can't read sheet music or Tab. The notes simply 'jiggle'!

And only recently is there a mass of research on Music MAKING = Wellbeing (not just listening)

That's why 7 years of Innovation, Trial, Tests, Patent Application, Names, Tools, Apps, LMS, Education & Music Shows

To get to The Stickey Music Super 7 - With StickeyNotes & The WiziSticks! and in 2022 (or thereabouts!)


The Music Making Book in The Company Culture Cookbook Range - With Alex S Clarke - Mr. MIMO!